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Plastimorp Colour!

Posted on gen 29 by

The Plastimorph Colour Pack finally arrived! Four colour, Black, Blue, Red and Yellow, atossic and totally ” clean ” ( it will not leave any colour on your hand ),  will give new inspiration to all your Plastimorph project! Mix the Pellets of colour to create all the possible colour mix! Here the video of the Plastimorph Colour!  ...


New Tutorial

Posted on gen 11 by

The 2014 starts with a lot of news, in the next week new product, new object and over all new tutorial! Here a little sample of the next tutorial coming...



Posted on nov 26 by

This is a mask inspired by the Commedia dell’arte ( a form of theatre charaterized by masked types ). We made before a clay model of the mask, then we shape on it the warm plastimorph! But you can made this with everything, clay, wood, stone, iron, everything you have in your home you can create a cover with...


Oil Lamp

Posted on nov 26 by

An oil lamp made by a broken bulb and decorated with a base of Plastimorph! Soon a tutorial with the step to make the oil...


Lamp 2

Posted on nov 26 by

Here a lamp made by Plastimorph! We had some plastimorph light coloured by the experiment with Plastimorph colour, what to do with it ? Before colouring it we shape it to make a lamp! We create six square form ( 1mm thickness ), and joined togheter. Then we used some led for the light, and here a very easy to make...



Posted on nov 26 by

Here a lamp made by Plastimorph! The lamp is composed by a very slim layer of Plastimorph ( less than a mm ) and shaped on a spherical phorm. Inside the lamp we create a simple light with led ( never use bulbs which create high temperature! ). Easy and fast, you can shape the lamp the way you...


Pipe Holder 2

Posted on nov 11 by

Need a special place to hold your pipe but the ergonomic one are too expensive ? Why don’t you create a personal one with...